Health and Fitness Goals This Christmas

How to Keep Track of Your Health and Fitness Goals This Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! The Holiday season is here! Thoughts of Christmas chocolate cake and vintage wine flooding your thoughts? Good! Because we’re here to teach you the art of balance. Keep your health and fitness goals in check without starving yourself or overindulging. We will help you stay motivated throughout this holiday season!

Here’s Your Guide on How To:

Get Comfortable With the Idea of Tracking

Idea of Tracking

First off, let’s get comfortable with the whole IDEA of tracking your food intake. Well, we’re not asking you to open your Notes and fill in the exact measurements of weight or calories to the decimal point! No, we’re saying track your intake of carbs, protein, fibers, and do whatever it takes to stay away from fried and unhealthy carbs and fats. 

Pro Tip: Find a friend or a family member who’s willing to do this with you! Then, you can send pictures of your meals and snacks AND be held accountable!

Find a Routine and Stick to it!


Choosing to become healthy must eventually become a lifestyle. Until then, set a daily routine for yourself. From diet plans to workouts. Make a plan that works for you; take the help of a professional if you need to! Start off by running around the block, and then proceed to set bigger and better goals! 

Pro Tip: Along with a healthy routine, get a slimming machine that helps you lose weight quicker and helps take care of your skincare needs for a fresh Christmas Glow! Order this unique 3-in-1 cavitation machine here.

Don’t Binge, Indulge a LITTLE

Don’t Binge, Indulge a LITTLE

The entire month is filled with festive fun and food, so don’t let go for the whole of the month! Make sure when you do end up eating a slice of Christmas cake, you eat just THAT slice. No cheating your way out of this! If you have a sweet tooth, tell someone to keep a whip and control your tongue and sneaky little fingers! 

Pro Tip: Eat a single, small portion of a cake or chocolate only once a week. Remember, No binge days, only a single binge slice!

Christmas Fitness Goals in Trouble? Not If You Have Us! Here’s How:

Be Quick to Get Back on Track

Get Back on Track

We’re all human! Our personal lives may have so much going on that some of us may find shelter in the sweet treats life has to offer, especially in the holidays! So, if you do go off-track and indulge in a scoop or tub of ice cream, get back with greater vigor! It’s easy to say but imagine NOT fitting into your Christmas ensemble or NYE’s little black dress. Does that get you going?

Useful Trick: Do not hesitate to give away sweets and temptations to family and friends. After all, that’s what Christmas is for!

Loads of Veggies and Protein

Veggies and Protein

Have a goal to balance all your food groups and keep your plate colorful. For instance, have the orange of carrots, the green from spinach, the brown of some sweet potatoes, the red of some beans, the gorgeous protein from some salmon, and a few baby rosemary potatoes carbalicious effect. 

Once your fiber and protein intake goes up, you will have the energy to expend on a workout. We don’t feel like working out the most common reason is that we’re not filling our bodies with energy-giving food! Eat right so that you don’t feel stuffy or lazy for tomorrow morning’s run!

Step Up The Motivation!


If you do not already have a fitness tracker, this is the perfect time to get one! Give your body and mind the early Christmas present of good health. Our body is like the unique engine no car or machine can match up with, so take care of it. Keep check of your own Mercedes, and you’ll be able to take on the world; calories won’t stand a chance against you!

Do at least 10000 steps a day. That’s the least. You can and actually should go higher if you’re in a rush to get to your dream weight in less than a few weeks. Couple it with this magical slimming machine, and you’ll thank us!

In the end, we would wish to say, if you take small baby steps towards your goal, you can get there well ahead of time! So for the next holiday, start early and don’t be afraid to slip-up, because that’s what being human is all about! Slipping up and getting back with greater enthusiasm! So, the next time you watch someone swooning over a macaroon, don’t be tempted; just remember your goal and go full steam ahead!

Slim Away This Very Merry Christmas!

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