Here is Busting Your Weight Loss Myths For GOOD

Here is Busting Your Weight Loss Myths For GOOD

Anyone familiar with the story of the bunny and the tortoise knows that slow and steady not only wins the race but leaves you triumphant in the war! When it comes to weight loss, it is a life-long, long-term aspect of your daily life. There are no two things about it! 

If you want to fit into those leather pants from last year’s Christmas party or want to get back to your college yearbook looks, then you need to know that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

Weight Loss Myths are real, and unless you get rid of them, there will be no healthy approach to losing weight. SO, here we are to shatter some of those myths for good:

Weight Loss on the Scale is Always Legit Fat Loss

Weight Loss

We were hoping for a more subtle way to shatter this myth, but no! Your body weight does not only consist of fat. In case you were wondering about that sudden drop of weight, it is not just fat that’s being burned. Your body has a certain amount of water weight trapped in cells, joints, muscles, and other areas that can be lost quickly after exercise, sleep, or any small activity. The critical thing to remember is you can drink more water to beat the water weight. It’s counterintuitive, but it works.

So, do not trust what the scale says and slack off on your weight loss efforts! Stay consistent, and don’t quit!

Juice Cleanses Work Miracles

Juice Cleanses Work Miracles

Ever heard a game show buzzer go off when a wrong answer has been said? Well, that’s the sound you should imagine playing in your brain when you think juice cleanses work! They don’t. You’re more likely to retain the fruit’s nutrients when you chew it as a whole unit rather than drink up broken nutrients as a juice. 

Plus, the important advice to note here is never to have canned juices. These have a high sugar content and preservatives that will make your weight loss journey slow and retarded. 

Cut Out High-Calorie Content Food Completely

Cut Out High-Calorie Content Food Completely

Another foolish myth people believe is in cutting out foods with high calories to lose weight. The key to tackling obesity is to have a balanced diet and not go crazy about foods’ calorie content. Under-fueling your body is more dangerous than over-filling it with high-calorie foods. You could lower your BP and also become weak and become inclined to developing Type 2 Diabetes.

The next time you want to lose weight, think simpler, easy, and relaxed. Use a slimming machine so that your weight loss journey is memorable and free from harmful side-effects.

Diet troubles? Check out this perfect couple- diet control and cavitation slimming! Cavitation Slimming + Diet Control For Weight Loss Magic

Leaving Carbs from Your Diet is Essential to Weight Loss

Leaving Carbs

Carbohydrates are one of the essential food groups. Cutting out carbs completely from one’s diet can be detrimental to the body’s natural functioning. Good carbs like steamed red rice, potatoes, and other foods are packed with energy that the body releases more quickly once oxidized. Wanting to ditch carbs makes your body unresponsive to weight loss and makes you gain a few inches too! 

So, instead of ditching carbs and going all Keto, make sure you take the necessary amount of good carbs and ditch the bad carbs for good.

Excessive Exercise Will Burn Your Pounds Away


Going at it for hours on the treadmill or the cycle is great but does little for actual weight loss. Several researchers have found that weight loss lies primarily in your diet. What you eat and, more importantly, how MUCH you eat, and WHAT you eat matter a lot more. Exercising is a great way to keep your body’s juices active and aids digestion, but overdoing exercise is a bigger sin than some may think. It makes the body tired, and you may end up binging on unwanted food more often than not!

A great idea would be to monitor your diet, stay true to your workout regimen, and you’ll notice a significant weight loss by the end of a few weeks!

There are so many more myths that need to be shattered, and we will be back with some more! For now, these tips should be enough to get you started on a whole and improved approach to losing weight the right way! 

Happy Pound Shedding!

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