Does Going Vegan Help You Lose Weight?

Does Going Vegan Help You Lose Weight?

Veganism is a lifestyle, not a trend. Trying to be vegan just for the fun of it can hurt you more than helps you. Whether you’re overweight or underweight, have allergies or not, there is so much more to being vegan that meets the eye.

Since this is a weight loss blog, let’s focus on veganism and weight loss. So, does going vegan help you lose weight? Well, yes and no. Yes, a vegan diet is very restrictive and helps you lose weight quickly. No, because the diet may not suit your body type and deprive yourself of some foods and nutrients and make you put on weight.

For now, let’s focus on 5 ways that going Vegan can help you shed some kilograms and become scale-wise:

1. Vegan Diets Are Super Rich in Fibre

Vegan Diets

Yes, vegans can lose pounds faster because of their fibrous diets. A study showed that vegans consume an additional 250 grams of fiber when compared to their vegetarian counterparts. Well, this is a shocker because the typical US household has a very fiber-deficient diet. Most of us load up on unhealthy carbs and skip our greens- broccoli, peas, spinach, the works!

When you load up on fiber, it keeps you feeling full until the next meal. Fiber aids digestion and prevents the temptation to keep snacking. It maintains your cholesterol and sugar levels and has anti-inflammatory properties. What’s not to love?

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2. Vegan Junk Food is Less Junky Than Non-Vegan Junk Food

Vegan Junk Food

When you think of junk food, what comes to mind? Butter cookies, cheese pizzas, chips with a mayo dip, and the list goes on. The primary fat compound in the snacks us non-vegans munch on is Butter. Don’t get us wrong, vegans can junk, but their diet leads them to make healthier and better choices. Vegans snack on chickpea burgers, millet bread, tofu, all foods that are super high on protein, low on carbs- the main reason we all put on weight. 

There are tons of vegan snacks and junk on the shelves in the market now more than ever. The nutritional value of these snacks, but when you compare it to other snacks loaded with butter and margarine, vegan snacks take the cake, but they can’t eat it.

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3. Vegan Diets Have Low Saturated Fats

Vegan Diets

Animal foods have large amounts of saturated fats. These fats are the primary causes of cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and generally lower life span. Now, vegans have cut our animal and animal-based products from their diet, which means their intake of saturated fats is minimal.

Whole foods and plant-based diets significantly reduce your weight loss woes and also help increase your metabolism. The average American diet is rich in saturated fats and lacks fiber, so even if you’re not vegan, make sure you lower your intake of saturated foods every week and engage in an exercise routine.

Pro Tip: Avocados, Nuts, and Chia seeds keep vegans alive and fit. If you’re thinking of turning Vegan, start with these super healthy and tasty treats.

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4. Vegan Diets are High in Healthy Fats

Healthy Fats

There are healthy fats, and then there are the saturated fats we told you about earlier. Plant-based fats are much better when compared to animal-based saturated fats. Vegans consume nuts, coconut oil, avocados, legumes, and seeds- although these foods can increase your calorie intake by a large amount, they are healthier options that help boost your metabolism, increase energy levels and feel light.

Animal-based fats make you feel sluggish and stuffy, leaving you no energy to workout or perform even mundane day to day tasks. Binge eating on nuts and pumpkin seeds is a better way to go than jerky treats if you’re looking to lose weight.

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5. Vegan Diet Makes You Feel Lighter

Vegan Diet

Plant-based diets make you feel lighter, less sluggish, and more energized. The fat content in animal diet is not only higher but also difficult to digest. When it comes to losing weight, only a vegan diet won’t suffice; you will have to put in the extra effort and shed some sweat in your workouts to get to your goal weight. 

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Plant-based diets take fewer hours to digest, dispelling energy quicker and more efficiently to perform above and beyond your potential. When you feel light, you can exercise better. So, reduce your animal intake, especially on the days you have to work out harder. 

There’s a catch to all of the above points. YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT! Not just at your diet, but also a workout regimen. If going vegan is not your thing, you could always research, try, and experiment wisely on what works best for you. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and take care of your body and mind while you’re at it! 

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