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5 Tips for Quick and Healthy Weight Loss that are Guaranteed to Work

Weight loss is one of those things that all of us wish we could achieve yet somehow remains just out of reach. As you’ve always been told, natural weight loss is something that takes time and cannot be achieved overnight, right? Well, not quite! While it’s true that weight loss is a process that requires time, power of will and dedicated consistent effort, it does not mean that it necessarily has to be a long and arduous process. Read on to learn how you can lose weight naturally and some other useful weight loss tips at home!

What is Natural Weight loss?

As the term suggests, natural weight loss is the term given to cutting fat levels without the use of chemicals and artificial medication such as fat burners and drugs. Natural weight loss is typically made possible through physical exercise and a healthy balanced diet. Natural weight loss is not the only way to lose weight and fat but it definitely is the safest and healthiest method, which improves short and long-term health rather than jeopardizing it.

How to Lose Weight Faster?

Weight loss becomes possible when you create a calorie deficit in your daily life. This means that you burn more calories than you consume. The most effective way to lose weight quicker is to increase your calorie deficit. This is also where the majority of people go wrong, as they attempt to create a calorie deficit by going on extreme crash diets and sharply reduce their food intake. This is an unhealthy and ineffective way to approach weight loss and fitness. Through this method, you may see short-term results but the effects are fleeting and it ruins your body’s metabolism rate, leaving you susceptible to gain weight even more quickly once the dieting stops. This brings us to the first tip for quick and natural weight loss –


1) Strike a balance between a healthy diet and physical exercise. Once you get the right balance, there is no need for extreme measures. You do not have to run for three hours a day or completely stop eating your favorite food. Instead, get some basic physical exercise on a daily basis. Even a brisk walk is sufficient as long as you maintain the activity level for 25-30 minutes every day.

That leaves us with a healthy diet. There’s a risk involved with paying too much attention to calories in the forms of numbers and statistics. The second tip is –

healthy diet

2) Food isn’t just about calories, statistics and numbers. A big bowl of salad has more calories than a can of soda. However, once consumed the large salad bowl is broken down into minerals, nutrients, water and used to fuel the body. The soda on the other hand is most sugar and is transformed into fat. Instead of reducing the amount of food you consume, change the kind of food you consume. Embrace weight loss-friendly food which is rich in proteins and nutrients and can be digested and broken down by the body easily, such as broccoli, eggs, fish, fruits and green, leafy vegetables.

While the food we consume is important, it constitutes a very small part of our body. The third tip involves the primary component of your body.

hydration level

3) The first step to losing weight quickly is to increase your hydration level. Upto 60% of the human body is water and we require around 4 liters or 8 glasses of water per day. Water dramatically promotes weight loss by improving digestion, increasing metabolism rate and making it easier to exercise. Keeping yourself hydrated also prevents binge eating and unnecessary consumption of food.

As mentioned above, water enables us to exercise without dehydrating ourselves and getting tired too quickly, which brings us to point four.


4) 150 minutes of physical activity and exercise per week is essential. One of the reasons why diets are so popular is because people view them as an easier and less exertive alternative to working out. Unfortunately, diets and exercise are two sides of the same coin. You NEED both to lose weight quickly. If you can put in 15-200 minutes of exercise in a week, which boils down to around 30 minutes of activity per day, you will not only lose weight much faster but also improve all aspects of your health.

At the end of the day, you may follow all of these tips and steps but it will count for nothing if you do not follow the fifth and most important point,

Quick weight loss

5) Consistency and perseverance is the most important key to success. You could do all the above perfectly for a week but if you do not continue to practice them beyond seven days, you will not see any results.Many people tend to give up after the first couple of weeks as they tire and do not see results. Quick weight loss is not instant weight loss. The real weight loss happens only after the first few weeks. If you give up early, you will not see any improvement and what little success you achieve will disappear slowly. It is much better to do little for longer rather than to do a lot for a short time.

If you follow the above steps properly and with dedication for even a month, we guarantee you will see results. Keep striving and you will eventually succeed!

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