About us

A healthy body and a healthy mind is the key to a happier life. The journey towards fitness and robust health is never easy. The road may be tough, but at nysdom, our purpose is to help you stay committed to the process.

We maintain that while weight-loss is important, what really matters is achieving it the right way. Our mission is to produce effective and safe electronic slimming machines & ultrasonic slimming devices that help achieve the desired results without compromising on well-being. It is our belief that everyone deserves easy access to products that can turn their lives around.

At nysdom, we are constantly innovating to push the boundaries of weight-loss and fitness. All our ultrasonic fat burning products are manufactured using cutting edge technology and are put through multiple rounds of rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the highest safety and quality standards. Blending effectiveness with convenience, we aim to provide our customers with medical-grade fat cavitation therapy products delivered right at their doorsteps.

“Only you can change your life, nobody else can do it for you,” goes a popular saying in fitness circles. Well, that doesn’t mean we can’t help! Allow us to join you, as we strive together and create the best version of you!